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6/29/2004 11:17:00 AM
Offshoring Dangers

Time and time again I have discussed with people the concerns I've had about offshoring, the instability, distain for westernization, and lack of human compassion. Most times I have been disregarded because I'm not among the elite and specially educated. Yea, yea, whatever. Turns out I was on to something as usual. Maybe now you will listen!

I'm not an expert on Indian Society, but anyone who has read and understands Hernando De Soto's "The Mystery of Capital" will realize that the American way of caplitalism is simply not a one size fits all proposition. To put it my own simple words: Government, Culture and tradition are simply weaker forces than Caplitalism but governments will try to stand in the way. The new government in India is strong evidence of that (see the linked article). It turns out that their fuse is short for the way American Business operates. The Ethics of Businesses in this country is unconchenable, devoid of compassion. It appears that the Indian government agrees with my assertion. Meanwhile capitalism is beginning to grow in power and equity just outside government control cities in what De Soto referrs to as "extralegal" economies.


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I am Larry Boeldt, application architect, network engineer, web farm designer and solutions developer since 1990, the internet is the largest part of my professional career. I learned of the internet in 1994, and Since 1996 I've focused primarily on internet application development. Here's a list of my latest projects.


When I made the decision to become a web developer I did not realize at first the other skills required, SQL Server, Visual Basic, COM programming, IIS automation, scripting technologies. Although I was surprised at the required skillset for a web developer and system architect, I was ready for the challenge. Today I spend time writing my personal projects, and working as director of IT for Culligan International.

I am completely enamored of technology...especially the internet. Most tech-geeks know just what a thrill it is to bind technologies into workable solutions. I would be so bold as to call it an art form.

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