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7/4/2004 8:38:00 AM
Happy J4, SQL Service Stoppage

Happy Independance Day

Today I arrived at my desktop, chock full of database connection errors. I shuttered to think that the SQL server for was down. It turned out that the SQL service stopped because the drive had 200Mb left, but probably needed a defrag. I cleaned out some old backups, customer files and bumped it back into a 2.6Gb free zone. This was a relief MAPX (one of my more heavily used SQL servers) has been up for more than two years--as of today the net server stats line reads:

\\MAPX has been up for: 751 day(s), 11 hour(s), 31 minute(s), 16 second(s)

So as of midnight this morning MAPX Has been up for more than 751 days. So we missed MapX's Second birthday on June 14th (365*2 + 1 leap day). Regardless it's a relief to know that this server has stayed alive for so long. It gets awefully busy if folks are perusing my MP3 library, Diet Database, Survey Builder and Sitebuilder. Not to mention development versions for all of the custom (non-site builder) sites I work on.

What I did on Summer Vacation

I took vacation over the last week to burn off some of the five or six weeks I've accumulated over the last few years at Culligan... vacation was very eventful. Seth's first birthday party: Seth was very cute opening his gifts. The deck my Brother-in-law Bobby and I built over the Memorial Day weekend was a hit.

Of course I couldn't resist a project by Monday I was itching to start something, and by Tuesday it arrived. The principal at Lake Country Academy (Tony's school) requested a way to use the internet to reduce the paper distribution burden. I obliged and focused on what I saw as the most complicated piece: gradebook. I made significant inroads to completing the entry interface, but decided 20 hrs of my vacation was all I should be allowed to work.

My gift from Susan arrived this week: A Roland Discover 5 Arranger, so now I can do gigs with Sour Pickle and the LCA - Adult's band (we don't have a name yet). I'm jammin out on some keyboard stuff for both bands, Good Lovin', Old Time Rock and Roll, Surfin U.S.A. There is an unbelieveable amount of MIDI stuff out there to get started as well. Which really makes some of the 80s hits like Tainted Love and The Metro attainable. So indeed I spent some time practicing.

ASP.NET, yup I started doing stuff in ASP.NET again, first the gradebook had me creating a few on the fly .GIF images, which is a piece of cake with GDI+. I also bought a bunch of nerd mags with the intent on getting up to speed, for the most part I was sadly dissappointed, I was able to absorb five mags in an afternoon. But the ASP.NET one had a resource kit, so I've been installing free components and fiddling with them. The resource kit is worth looking into. The current issue of ASP.NET magazine has a disk with the resource kit and four really kick but additions to the .NET framework.

That's it for now... Gotta go make signs my sister's 4th of July party!

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I am Larry Boeldt, application architect, network engineer, web farm designer and solutions developer since 1990, the internet is the largest part of my professional career. I learned of the internet in 1994, and Since 1996 I've focused primarily on internet application development. Here's a list of my latest projects.


When I made the decision to become a web developer I did not realize at first the other skills required, SQL Server, Visual Basic, COM programming, IIS automation, scripting technologies. Although I was surprised at the required skillset for a web developer and system architect, I was ready for the challenge. Today I spend time writing my personal projects, and working as director of IT for Culligan International.

I am completely enamored of technology...especially the internet. Most tech-geeks know just what a thrill it is to bind technologies into workable solutions. I would be so bold as to call it an art form.

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