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A dollar on the floor in FriendFeed's headquarters on Flickr - Photo Sharing!  Now thats a way to get someones attention.  
Actiontec  I dropped a few hundred bucks on X10 years ago to research it's viability as a service oriented business component. With all the promise X-10 offered, it never really worked right in my house. Even after applying the stock fixes of capacitors to bridge phases, lights would seem to randomly operate. Z-Wave promises to fix that. I'm excited and skeptical, if done right this could be everything we dreamed X-10 could be.  
Biro Web  This is perhaps the coolest, most bizzare, and funniest website I ever saw. I can only describe it as ironically creative.  
Body Language Dictionary  Sometimes it what you do tells more than what you say. Watch your body! 
Can't Quit? Do it Safely!  Air-2 produces a high-tech cigarette. Rather than creating smoke, this tool releases the nicotine in your tobacco in a safer way than traditional smoking. The Air-2 products use a microcomputer controled convection mechanism to generate just enough heat to vaporise the nicotine, the tar and carcinogens that result from burning are left for disposal.  
Cool Christmas Light Display  Cool Christmas Video.  
Cost of Christmas: $18,920 – MSN Money  The price of the partridge, the pear tree and the rest of the '12 Days' goodies is up 3.1% this year, thanks to rising labor costs.  
Experts-Choice Decal Film: Inkjet / Laser Printers  Make your own decals using your laser printer. Great for home crafted gifts.  
Hack TiVo!   Do you have a TiVo? Is it just sitting there? Well here's something cool! You could be adding all sorts of cool enhancements, putting it on your network or tons of other great hacks. We've just released a book chock full of details on getting even more from TiVo - and we've posted an excerpt on adding caller ID to your TiVo. If you have a TiVo, you need this.  
It's a Small world Midi  Midi of the song it's a small world 
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