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Web Sites That Larry Boeldt Architected

In Mid 1994 I began to explore the internet. I became quickly cognisent of the incredible value it provided.

To that date many of the Paradox and Access solutions I designed suffered from versioning difficulty. Or slow performance because of heavy reliance on 10-T Networks. Then there were all of the client side problems. Having to install and maintain large base applications on several workstations was burdensom and detracted from fully bringing my applications to fruition. I oft spent more time supporting desktop issues than enhancing my applications.

The internet showed me that there was a way to make this work. By todays standards the technologies I used look truly primitive. But they were ground breaking in their time. It was possible without CGI scripting to connect to databases using techologies like IDC (Internet Data Connector) but they lacked sophistocation and responsiveness. They were simply report generating mechanisms, and slow ones at that.

To date here are some of the projects I've developed since then.

URL Site
Catalog This is the culmination of years of catalog and part management software. It actually started with a project called Partlist for the Engineering group at Nigrelli Systems ( The objective was reduce or eliminate the number of duplicate parts. We categorized the parts in their own groups, then created tables with columns representing each of the possible criteria. Once the Engineers adapted to the software it proved very successful. It was then that I realized the power of a database driven catalog... it was then that I realzed a better way. This is the culmination of over five years of thinking and evolving product catalogs. I was glad to have the opportunity to install it with some of my new customers. Culligan International. This is my current full time job, I telecommute from Sheboygan, WI. Key projects have been DealerLocator and Broan-NuTone is a company that creates ceiling fans, ventilation fans, medicine cabinets, range hoods, multi-unit mailboxes and ironing centers to name a few. They use my catalog database and COM Components to showcase their 2,000+ product inventory. Nutone is the sister company to Broan and utilizes the same web techology as broan. Valuemags is an online news stand where you can order discount subscriptions to your favorite magazines. I wrote much of the site, someone took over later and continued the evolution of the product. It appears to be very much the same backend product today, here's my original work: you won't be able to place an order from my original work, but everything up to that point is functional. This basic site is where I experiment with Microsoft .NET technology. As I have more time I will expand the web site. The most notable feature here is a Biorhythm calculator that takes your name and birthdate then calculates your biorhythm in a nice graphical image. Tomahawk Manufacturing builds and engineers replacement parts for industrial food processing machinery. Ella's Dela has the best subs, salads and snacks in the world. They have three locations in the sheboygan area. I didn't actually build this site, but I registered the domain to showcase my future web to fax capabilities. Since water filtration is a very hot topic I thought I would set up a site dedicated to various water filtration products that can be purchased for your home. Can't do much here. This site is an online project management tool. Basically this was my first site, after learning basic VBScript and ASP. Because i Can. This is my iMac nothing fancy, but because I can do it, I did. There are three useful web examples of an iMac G3 with 256Mb of RAM running OSX, Apache, PHP4, and mySQL. One thing is for sure, when I access the iMAC from my LAN, it's one of the fastest web servers I own. Unfortunately the outgoing bandwidth is limitied to 128K (about twice the speed of a single dialup modem) so I don't know if it's going to produce the desired result.
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