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5/17/2010 9:11:00 AM
Spring is Here!

Wow lots of catching up to do. My last post was in September. Now the grass is green the trees are blooming the air is starting to take on that sweet smell of spring. Then came the dandelions! A few years ago (three I think) I bought a pull behind aerator spreader for my lawn tractor figuring it would be cheaper than hiring chemlawn or spring green. While the math works out quite well (two and a half year pay off) the problem is it is hard to keep up with regular fertilization especially weeds because you have to give a few days between rain and early enough in the year to get the little yellow veggies before they go puffball and propagate. In less than a year our yard went from just grass to mostly dandelions. I got most of them this year with an application of Steins version of the famous four step program.

The cool thing about the Steins formula is that it uses Milorganite as the nutrient base. That's right, Milwaukee doodles right in the bag! While I make that sound gross it is really a "green" thing to do and much safer for an amateur like myself to apply. The difference between Milorganite and chemically created nutrient bases is that Milorganite contains a tiny fraction of the chemical salts that dry your lawn as compared to synthetic brands. That means it is much more difficult to burn your lawn and requires less water to correct if you do over apply. Not to mention it makes perfect use of a human waste product returning the nutrients from consumption of food back into the ground. Thus the great nutrient cycle continues.

I suppose applying fertilizer with a lawn tractor is not green, but I would suggest that having a healthy lawn helps to promote oxygen generation all summer long. I'm not so sure I want to have a hand push mower to use all summer because 15,000+ square feet is a lot to cut by hand. I think it would be handy at times because I could use the exercise and they are just neat little devices. I wonder why nobody has invented a lawn big wheel that you could pedal through the lawn?

My ratty hair has become the topic of conversation in the house. See I like bearing an offensive hair style. It gets people talking, and odds are they wouldn't talk about me if I had nice hair cuz I'm just not all that breathtaking to look at. It seems to me that some attention is better than no attention! So far nobody has mistaken me for homeless guy and handed me money, but hey if it happens I can go get a cheeseburger!

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I am Larry Boeldt, application architect, network engineer, web farm designer and solutions developer since 1990, the internet is the largest part of my professional career. I learned of the internet in 1994, and Since 1996 I've focused primarily on internet application development. Here's a list of my latest projects.


When I made the decision to become a web developer I did not realize at first the other skills required, SQL Server, Visual Basic, COM programming, IIS automation, scripting technologies. Although I was surprised at the required skillset for a web developer and system architect, I was ready for the challenge. Today I spend time writing my personal projects, and working as director of IT for Culligan International.

I am completely enamored of technology...especially the internet. Most tech-geeks know just what a thrill it is to bind technologies into workable solutions. I would be so bold as to call it an art form.

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