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IBM wins National Weather Service deal  NEW YORK, Dec 9 (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp. (nyse: IBM - news - people) on Tuesday said the National Weather Service had purchased 900 IBM computers and 160 computer servers running the Linux operating system, increasing the speed at which it will be able to forecast flash floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.  
Kylie Elizabeth Rohde - Kylie Elizabeth Rohde Is Here!  Welcome Kylie Elizabeth Rodhe to the world! 
Marc Rhode  Marc has been everything from a stellar employee, friend and family member to me. One day he might even be my boss. In fact his wife jests that we're in competition for his time. Check out his website and ideas from one of the smartest people I know.  
Saddam is the III incarnation of Hitler  Hitler in the 40s, Slobodan Milosevic in the 90s and Saddam Hussein for the last 27 years. My biggest question is why did we wait so long to work on Saddam when he killed so many more people than Slobodan Milosevic.  
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