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Apple Swats Mac OS X Security Bugs  Last week we reported on how, now that Mozillas Firefox has gained in popularity, hackers and virus writers are starting to target it more. This week, another honeymoon may be coming to an end. If youve been thinking about switching to Apple's Mac OS X because it doesn't have security flaws, think again. For the second time in two weeks, Apple posted security updates for OS X. This one addressed 10 security vulnerabilities, one of which would potentially allow attackers to execute malicious code. It just goes to show what Im always telling folks: theres no such thing as a secure operating system.  
Black Jacket Software Web Mail  Very cool IMAP module for dotnetnuke.  
Boycott Hollywood  I don't know where these artists get off. We are (were) their fans. Yet they desire to speak their mind "in our names" and turn around and supress us when we speak ours. This double standard of liberalism has to stop. This link provides you with these two faced, individuals who undeservedly live under the freedom provided by this great nation. How can they possibly believe in peace when they are willing to let the citizens of Iraq suffer any longer under a dictatorship that only values it's citizens as fighting machines, without intellect, and opinions of their own. I'm apalled at this. I've never had so much anger in my life. I personally want to do everything I can to avoid making the creaps any more money. How friggn dare they get rich on this country then slap it in the face.  
Browser Suit Spurs Microsoft to Change IE  Microsoft Corp. is planning to alter its market-leading Internet Explorer Web browser as a result of a recent $521 million browser-patent verdict against it.  
Eola vs. Microsoft  Watch this case closely. The outcome could mean the end of Internet Explorer and Macromedia. Or perhaps, they find themselves convenient bedpartners????? 
ICAAN vs. Verisign  ICAAN versus Verisign. 
IRS Announces 2006 Standard Mileage Rates  2006 Mileage Reimbursement up to .445 per mile.  
Natural Cures, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine  Do not go to the doctor first. Try these home remedies you may be surprised what natural cures can provide that medicine cannot.  
Swift Vets  You know that picture of John Kerry with all of his Swift Boat commanders? Did you know that only two of them actually support him. Almost ALL of the rest (except for three) are absolutly against him becoming our commander and chief. If my friends talked this bad about me I would not show a picture of myself with them! Kerry is bad news folks. 
TED | Talks | Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen (video)  This is a fantastic presentation. It demonstrates that many countries have wealth, and statistically shows the difference bewtween rich and poor are often the result of social opressions rather than economic ones. Which begs the question, why do we have so much govenrment and so many laws in our country. Both are socially opressive and each debunks core ideas of the Reps & Dems, which is why I am a libretarian.  
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