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9 Things to Do When You Inherit a Database - SQLServerCentral  So ... Bobs left the company to move back east, and youre the new lead database developer on the database. Or, the third-party company to which the maintenance has been outsourced is no longer working on it, so its yours now. One way or another, you need to take over a database system that you had no part in developing. Its not in good shape, and there's not many resources for you to tap.  
A dollar on the floor in FriendFeed's headquarters on Flickr - Photo Sharing!  Now thats a way to get someones attention.  
A layer above AJAX  Qooxdoo builds on prototype.js providing a desktop like UI in pure javascript. From the demos one see where this technology has a way to go in terms of interface smoothness but it certainly is promising! 
A Performance analysis of OpenOffice and MS Office | George Ou |  Office vs. OpenOffice, who is faster, who consumes less CPU and memory. Turns out OpenOffice consumes 10 times more hardware than Office. There is still a price to pay for free. 
A skeptical view of global warming  If some environmentalists are to be believed, we are on the verge of massive global climate change which will see a significant rise in sea levels, chaotic weather patterns, and catastrophic droughts all caused by small increase in global average temperature.  
A Slacker's Guide to DHTML  Goshdarnit, you have finally arrived. Welcome to A Slacker's Guide to DHTML. Right off the bat I think I should come clean about something...this isn't actually a guide. What it is is basically just a collection of Dynamic HTML scripts from other sites. What makes this site special is the fact that all the scripts on this site are cross-browser, tested, and useful.  
Accounting Professional Home Page - Microsoft Office Online  Office Accounting Professional 2009 is a complete accounting solution that helps small businesses save time managing everyday financial tasks, get organized, and grow their business online. With its familiar Microsoft Office interface, this program is easy to learn, so you can be productive right away. Smooth integration with other Microsoft Office programs makes information sharing simple and helps boost productivity.  
Actiontec  I dropped a few hundred bucks on X10 years ago to research it's viability as a service oriented business component. With all the promise X-10 offered, it never really worked right in my house. Even after applying the stock fixes of capacitors to bridge phases, lights would seem to randomly operate. Z-Wave promises to fix that. I'm excited and skeptical, if done right this could be everything we dreamed X-10 could be.  
Adding solar panel is easy  Add Soloar to your water heating 
Aditus Sitebuilder  Aditus Sitebuilder makes it a snap to put together your website. Move over web designer, now the average joe can do the job! 
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