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Alternative Energy
Name Description  Disover something new every day 
H your car today!  Switch your Car to hydrogen today! This sounds quite intriguing. I'm going to do a little more research on the topic.  
Just what is an Alternator??  Today we convert stored energy (coal/natural gas) to thermal energy by burning. Then we convert the thermal energy by transfering the heat from that burning to water, which makes steam that expands rapidly creating a force that is used to turn turbines, creating mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is then converted to electricity by passing a series of magnets at the end of the shaft around a coil (an alternator), creating electricity. This article shows the details of the alternator.  
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  PNAS is a key journal documenting Scientific milestones.  
Space Database  Space Database. Cool database of all the stuff we send into space.  
The PALEOMAP Project  Open Source project that strives to explain the globes changes over time.  
The Science of Skipping Stones  This article discusses the science of skipping stones. Its fun! 
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