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Name Description  World's largest online store 
Are You Game  Are you game is a great place to find board games online. Because it's not one of the big general-store sites, it usually has the hot games you're searching for in stock.  
Board Games  A great place to find board games online.  
Conference Call Service: Audio Conference Call Services, Conference Call Provider,  Phone Conference Calling, this is a cool service with 100 mintues free! 
eBay  Online Auctions 
frontline: secret history of the credit card: introduction | PBS  This emmy award winning series supports what Clark Howard has been saying the whole time. The credit industry is corrupt! CUT UP THOSE CARDS!  
Greenspan: Dump SarbOx  In discussions with Mark Rohde, I've often said SARBOX seems to do little more than put a tremendous drag on business. A drag that is probably holding back the market. In fact SARBOX drag was the single qualifier that I said would prove my prediction of a 13,000 DOW index by 2007. It seems Greenspan agrees.  
IT Offshoring Swings back toward Insourcing Trend  For all its promise of cost savings, enterprises disillusioned and dissatisfied with offshoring IT labor are starting to bring that work home. What, Hidden Costs? Duh, I have been saying this since the beginning of the offshoring craze. The cheapest developer in the world will not make up for the cost of describing your application to the n-th degree. Eventually we will get back to RAD environments, at least the smart people will.  
Its Laser TV by Novalux  Novalux has invented a hybrid display technology that promises cheaper and larger sets for the very near future. Hold on to your wallets for at least a little while, HD is about to get much better. 
IVR Cheat Sheet  Tired of navigating voice menus? Try this cheat sheet to get a human! It really works. 
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