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8 NVidia Cards = 1 SuperComputer  The university of Antwerp did an interesting experiment. They put toegether a computer that uses 8 NVidia GPUS. It has the power of 300 celeron systems at a fraction of the build and run cost.  
ADO Connection Pooling  Microsoft Q Article that describes problems with connection pooling through the creation of implicit connections 
AOL - IA Article  AOL Unveils Internet Appliances 
CodeCharge  Revolutionizing the way you code... 
Commerce Server Users Group  Commerce Server Users Group 
Computer Power User Magazine  Thanks to Mike Huber we've introduced this link. Computer Power User Magazine (CPU Mag) is a great magazine with interesting articles about hacking just about everything.  
DOS Network Boot Disk  Greatest DOS Boot disk with TCP/IP network support. 
Free DOS  FreeDOS is ideal for anyone who wants to bundle a version of DOS without having to pay a royalty for use of DOS. FreeDOS will also work on old hardware, in DOS emulators, and in embedded systems. FreeDOS is also an invaluable resource for people who would like to develop their own operating system. While there are many free operating systems out there, no other free DOS-compatible operating system exists.  
iMac screen washed out  Amid hacks, cracks serious security flaws the MAC OSX is getting battered. But hey the hardware is still superior right, and the mac is still best for graphic artists right? NOT! NOT! 
Internet Traffic Report  Can't get to your favorite web site? This may tell you why. By combining trace routes with this web site you can gain a picture of what's down and also see when it's back and available. 
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