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#1 War Driving Geek  Great web site from an ultrageek that rigged his car to be online by leaching off of unsecured wireless networks.  
101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website : SEO  101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website : SEO 
123 Bug Tracking  Bug/Defect Tracking Expert is is a completely web-based bug tracking system, enabling development teams to stay up-to-date and informed from any computer at any location. Ensure that no software bug goes unresolved or unreported, and decrease development times through improved bug reporting efficiency. Bug/Defect Tracking Expert is fully compatible with the most widely used databases in the world, including MSSQL, ORACLE, Sybase, Access, Postgres, MySQL, and DB2.  
123 Log Analyzer  123LogAnalyzer can analyze a website log file at 1GB per minute (94,000 lines per second). On an 800Mhz PIII computer running Windows 2000, it can analyze a 625MB log file in only 37 seconds. Offers multiplatform support, and powerful filtering.  
2006 Year In Review - HDTVs - Features by PC Magazine   
25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style  Make your ASP pages rock solid and snappy! 
25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style  Top tips for writing web sites using Active Server Pages.  
765 + Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download  Source of great AJAX and JavaScript examples. Inspires some great ideas.  
8 NVidia Cards = 1 SuperComputer  The university of Antwerp did an interesting experiment. They put toegether a computer that uses 8 NVidia GPUS. It has the power of 300 celeron systems at a fraction of the build and run cost.  
800 Phone Number Comments  Tired of those 800 calls that come up unknown. Find out here! 
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